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CEO, Monkaste Inc

Shane CHin

I started off just like anyone else, going to high school, passing all my classes, attending a great college while thinking it would get me a great job and the financial freedom I longed for. While in college I studied nursing as it was always a dream of mine to help as many people as I could possible, I later on switched my major to Pre-Med and after two years of college I realized the amount of debt I was accruing while attending and I wasn’t even in medical school yet. I started to feel as if being a doctor wasn’t my calling.

I dropped out got a regular job I probably could have gotten right out of high school with US Airways. I spent the next two years of my life working for minimum wage, while there a friend introduced me to network marketing, when he explained the concept to me I had thought it was the best thing in this world and thought to myself who in their right mind wouldn’t join me on this venture? However it was another failure and the company crashed and to make matters worse I had been fired the same week. At this point I believed my life was just in shambles and I decided to give nursing another shot, while in nursing school I kept in contact with all the people I had met through network marketing and one of them introduced me to binary trading and Forex. She taught me the basics and I continued to do my research and practiced with binary while I was doing so. I thought I was ready so I maxed out two of my credit cards on binary because I had fallen into the trap of YouTube videos of a man making millions. I lost a total of $5000 USD in two days! At this time I thought to myself yet another failure in my life, I had one more credit card left and I had been researching Netflix for weeks and they were about to show their annual reports.

I used my last $5000 and placed a bet on Netflix going up and in less than five minutes I had won back all my money and more. I decided to stop while I was ahead with binary and focus my efforts on Forex instead. The next three months when I wasn’t studying nursing I was studying Forex, this meant I was only getting at most 3 hours of sleep on good days. I decided to go Live after three months, I deposited $5000 and the broker matched me so I had $10,000.00 to work with, I was consistently making $500-1000.00 daily with the little knowledge I had I was happy but I still continued in the nursing field.

On March 7th 2012 while in a nursing practical I was in a trade up $3000 I got called to assist with a patient I decided to leave the trade open (bad idea) I assisted my fellow classmate but when I got back I was down $8000 it was on that very day I quit nursing school and focused my energy on mastering the Forex market. In the upcoming months I made six figures, word on my progress had gotten out soon I was being asked to trade for clients, and teach, I’ve managed hedge funds, helped tons of people reach their financial goals and most of all give them the time freedom they’ve longed for. In the past 5 years of my trading career I’ve traded over half a million dollars, consistently make six figures yearly, seen the ins and outs of trading and now I’ve decided to help people get to where I am by teaching you all I learned while cutting the learning curve a bit. Safe to say all my failures only led me to this great success.

I will tell you this, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

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