Here, ForEx is taught from basic to advanced levels through video and various content provided during webinars and One-On-One Coaching. The aim is to help people understand the ForEx market (better) and improve their lives financially

OMG, such amazing value from that webinar. We so appreciate you Shane Chin.
— Tracie Jackson (client)

Let's get you informed and in the know with a few offered services

the services:

Weekly Mark Ups - Subscription


You will be given weekly mark ups and analysis of one to two pairs per week beginning every Sunday with an update on Wednesday. This will help anyone who:

  • wants to see possibly entry points, see exactly how I personally look at the charts
  • is too busy to look at the charts all day.
  • wants extra confirmation on their trades.

Billed every 30 days



Course not only gives you my strategy but all of the resources that I’ve used over the years. This will help anyone who wants to watch a video over and over until it is drilled into their mind. Simple and effective! Proof of Trades Included (Track Record shows amazing 92k in profits in 3 months!)

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One-On-One Coaching


4 sessions with me over via video call where you see my screen while I teach and interact with you. Learn exactly how I trade, while being able to ask me anything regarding the trades. Great for beginners and experienced traders a like. Will help with mindset, creating a trading plan based on financial needs. You will also receive all resources used for the past 5 years. Limited Availability

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Trade With Me (2 Weeks)


A lot of traders say they can trade but how many will allow you to trade with them? Trade with me for 2 weeks (Monday – Friday, 3 AM – 7 AM EST) Great for gaining experience, as you’ll understand why I take trades—best of all you're making money along with me! Limited Availabilty

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Thank you very much! Appreciate all the information and clear answers to the questions asked.
— Craig Fongyee (client)

Let's get you to a better financial state of being

Your finances could be great, again.. Or maybe just great

Great webinar! It has been incredibly helpful. Not only did you give us the resources that helped you attain what you have, but also showed proof of trades, giving more confirmation on how I can be successful as well.
— Rolando Morales (Client)